Miley Cyrus

I am fascinated by Miley Cyrus.
Ever since I was 16 I have stalked her social media accounts, her youtube channel was  a ‘must watch’ and her twitter account made our relationship feel as though she was “someone I went to school with” opposed to a celebrity I had never met, and most likely never will.

I don’t really like her recent music that much (her newest song, we can’t stop – ) but her Hannah Montana age songs are great to run to. Yet for some reason, I still watch every interview and read every article about her. Something about her makes me want to drop everything and party with her. As crazy as she portrays herself to be (I recently read that “we can’t stop” may be directed towards club drug use)

I always felt this “girl crush” was too embarrassing to admit, but after spending an hour of my life watching interviews, I think it is time to admit it to the world.

I am fascinated by Miley Cyrus. And I encourage you to follow her on twitter and watch her interviews, just for a good time.


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