Exams – A College Perspective

Living at a college in a prestigious university comes with some benefits:

Firstly, people look at you and appreciate who you are as a person – ultimately because you’ve passed the test to get into such a fine establishment, and thus I must be worth knowing. This is great initially, but can get awkward when they find out that I am just a normal human being.

The real benefit is exam period.

After this exam period, I will only have 1 more left until I am ready to leave the castle and have a “BSc (Pharmacology & Physiology)” branded against my name. During my time I have made several friends and study partners, who have helped me throughout the troughs, but it was only yesterday that I realised how much friends can help. I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today, with the understanding of such complex concepts without my friends. Exam period is meant to test what you know, however I feel they test more what you have done to study, and how you have helped others. Learn it, teach it, remember it – teaching and helping others helps you remember what you have learnt, this is something I have fully come into understanding this semester. Unfortunately, being pre-med, the cohort is competitive, sneaky and sometimes rude – only a few are there to help and I hope those are the people who get through.

Prior to SWOTVAC (the week before the exams where there are no lectures), college is rowdy, full of fun and no cares in the world. The moment SWOTVAC starts, students are serious, ready for action. An air of excellence and stress floats through the dining hall – the only time where many students give themselves a break for their computer screens and lecture summaries. 

Unfortunately, many people finish earlier than the lowly science students with their exams. Slowly, but surely, the majority of the college is finished and celebrating. Turning into their rowdy youthful selves again, rubbing it in my face that I am not yet finished.

This pushed me into writing this article, which no-one will read, but a great method of procrastination and encouragement. It remind me that soon, I will be finished with exams, and how lucky I am to be in such an fun place, that adapts to it’s situation. 

One of my homes is in fact a salamander….


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