Job Hunting

Job hunting – or other whys known as offering my optimistic heart and tearing it to shreds. 

Yesterday – I tried to get a job, it was step 1 of my beginning and I went for it, full speed. Despite being aware that a lot of people had already hired all their staff that they needed for the xmas rush, I still hoped for that one unexpected position. And guess what – THERE ARE POSITIONS STILL AVAILABLE. However, everywhere that mentioned they had an opening had a role play similar to this: 

Me: Hi, I was wondering if you were hiring at the moment
Manager: Yes in fact we are, when would you be available
Me: From now until mid feb, that’s when I go back to university. 
Manager: Oooo, university, well we are actually looking for juniors at the moment. 
Me: Um, okay, thanks! Well feel free to give me a call if you need me! 

Is this fair? Legal even? Not being given a chance because I am able to drive, vote, drink, smoke – live? I thought saying I was a university student would suggest that I really don’t care if they pay me below minimum wage, seriously the money they would give me is more than what I am earning at the moment. Little money is better than no money! 

Nonetheless, I am jumping back onto the wagon tomorrow – I saw a hiring position in the window of a restaurant, and the position is mine. They just need to know that first. 


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