I’m back living with my parents for 3 months. I’m back looking for a job. I’m back eating too much delicious food. Summer is back. 

Despite me being well aware no-one actually reads any of these posts, I felt almost compelled to post. I have this blog, and even if no-one reads it, I will. Later, eventually, when I look back on my life. 

So what are my plans for the summer? 
1. Get a job
2. Get fit
3. Get organised
4. Have fun and relax. 

People often think of holidays as times where they have to see as many people as possible, do as many things in a day as possible and make as much money. I really believe they forget the most important thing that comes with holidays – and most importantly Christmas holidays. Family. 

These Christmas holidays I am swamped with family. Cousins, aunties, pseudo family, brothers, parents and hopefully my gran will be staying with me at my ‘family’ home. During this time I hope to do as much as possible, but I also hope to have some great relaxing times. Hanging out by the pool reading a book etc. No need for expensive adventures to have fun – we can make our own fun. 

I suppose my challenge to myself for these holidays – and maybe even a new years resolution is to update my ‘diary’ – if i can get a following. great. if i don’t – who cares. This blog is for me. 
(but if you are reading this – and not you, future me) then thank you for your time, and I really hope I can be witty, though provoking and just simply joyful for you! 

So here it goes – December 2012 – Amelia Collins is the new CONSISTANT blogger in town. 


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