So i mentioned in my “Ramblings” post that I got a new twitter account and that I was pushing for twitter fame.

Let’s just say that I am failing. I’m not used to failing so blatantly.
Here are some statistics:

Total Number of Twitter Followers = 4
Maximum number of followers at one time = 2
Current Followers = 0.

Yup. I have lost 4 followers. And i don’t know how! I haven’t spammed, so it’s not like I am annoying on their newsfeed. But i’m not boring, I post about once every 2 days about things I find interesting. So it is semi entertaining? It isn’t like I am tweeting “brushing my teeth”.

So if anyone has any suggestions on how to become more popular on twitter.. please let me know!

and if you are interested in seeing what has caused these depressing figures, follow me: @ameliacollins93


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