Scandal – The TV Show

Tonight I started watching Shonda’s new TV series – Scandal.

As the world’s number 1 grey’s anatomy fan (seriously, there is no one who can top me. I watch the seasons back to back on a regular basis (I consider it study for my anatomy classes at times…). I have downloaded almost every song that has been played and can recognise it when it plays, which leads to a string of flashs of the scene. Intense – but i love it.

I enjoy Private Practice, the spin off of Grey’s Anatomy, not so much as Grey’s sheerly because I aspire to be a surgeon and I feel as the show is less “raw” compared to Grey’s (in particular Grey’s first season) however it is entertaining and considers more medical ethical dilemas which is always interesting.

From the first scene of Scandal, I could tell that it had been written by Shonda Rhimes. It had the same quick paced feel to the lines. With the witty remarks and nonchalant looks as well as the longer speechs with egotistical remarks (made in particular by the main character Olivia Pope). This kind of writing I find interesting, as it keeps in concentrating on the scene beforehand, because if I stop, I’ll loose track of what is going on.

The plot of the show seems a lot less realistic as Grey’s or PP – in order for Olivia and her team to gain information, a lot of “wooing” is required (I appreciated the word “wooing” in this first episode, as it took me back to the scene where the Chief (Webber) and Bailey were sitting eating cake and he asked why she was being “wooed” by these other hospitals. Her response, “I’m pregnant you blind moron”. Everything, EVERYTHING I write/say/do will probably come back to grey’s anatomy. Mostly because while I was typing out that quote (from memory of course) I had a giant smile on my face.

However, despite these bursts of unrealistic behaviour, I thoroughly enjoyed the show, with the detective aspect which gages the interest of many and the interesting (and obviously deep character Olivia) I am sure that the show will go on to deliver much enjoyment.

This show is NOT a waste of time.

(Note: This blog is based off the first episode. I have no idea what is coming…but I tell you what. I am seriously excited)


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