Over the course of my university holidays, I have realised the sheer amount of social media that I am not involved with.

Yesterday, I made my first twitter account. This came with a dream to become the next internet sensation. My views and wit would be shared with the world and I could brag about the sheer power I have over people. However this dream has come to a rapid halt as I discovered that it is rather difficult to gain followers when you go by an alias.

Make another account with your name you ask? I wasn’t too keen on this idea as I believed that with this new freedom I could comment on tv shows that read out tweets or put them on the bottom of the screen. I wouldn’t dare comment on news articles with my opinion if it was under my name. I am not a very opinionated person – I would like to challenge anyone to an argument with me. You cannot win. Mainly because there will be no argument. An argument requires retorts from both sides, whilst in the appropriate scenario I will just stand there and start to take your side. Am I a push over? or peace keeper? If everyone were like me then the world would have no hate, however it would also be a very odd place to live in.

So back to what I was initially talking about – social media. The only kind of social media I use everyday is Facebook, and I am sure this is the same with many 20 year olds these days. However slowly I am becoming a regular checker of instagram, haven’t quite gotten to the regular poster but I am certainly appreciating.

I never really thought about making a blog, as I see myself as more of a scientist than an artist or writer, but why not take a whack at it? Even if nobody reads it, it would be nice to reflect on what I was doing at this point in my life maybe 5 years from now!

But if you do stumble upon this, and have bothered to read to this last paragraph – congratulations. I hope you enjoy your time here!


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