So on top of trying to post reviews on what I am interested about at the time/how bored I am, I have made a more personal blog on tumblr. Here it is my aim to keep a record of my good years; through both photos and text I will post close to everyday what the … Continue reading

Miley Cyrus

I am fascinated by Miley Cyrus. Ever since I was 16 I have stalked her social media accounts, her youtube channel was  a ‘must watch’ and her twitter account made our relationship feel as though she was “someone I went to school with” opposed to a celebrity I had never met, and most likely never … Continue reading

Exams – A College Perspective

Living at a college in a prestigious university comes with some benefits: Firstly, people look at you and appreciate who you are as a person – ultimately because you’ve passed the test to get into such a fine establishment, and thus I must be worth knowing. This is great initially, but can get awkward when they … Continue reading

Job Hunting

Job hunting – or other whys known as offering my optimistic heart and tearing it to shreds.  Yesterday – I tried to get a job, it was step 1 of my beginning and I went for it, full speed. Despite being aware that a lot of people had already hired all their staff that they needed for … Continue reading


I’m back living with my parents for 3 months. I’m back looking for a job. I’m back eating too much delicious food. Summer is back.  Despite me being well aware no-one actually reads any of these posts, I felt almost compelled to post. I have this blog, and even if no-one reads it, I will. … Continue reading


Today, I looked in the mirror while getting changed. That was the worst thing to happen to me all day.  I was riddled with disgust, despair and even disbelief. How could I have put on all of this weight, when I decided that moving away from home would result in me losing weight? I stuffed … Continue reading


Today I was productive. Not normally a sentence I relate with at the end of the day, but today was an exception. This is most likely due to the holidays drawing to an end, and if I don’t do it know I know future me will be fuming at past me. I managed to: 1. … Continue reading


So i mentioned in my “Ramblings” post that I got a new twitter account and that I was pushing for twitter fame. Let’s just say that I am failing. I’m not used to failing so blatantly.Here are some statistics: Total Number of Twitter Followers = 4Maximum number of followers at one time = 2Current Followers … Continue reading

Scandal – The TV Show

Tonight I started watching Shonda’s new TV series – Scandal. As the world’s number 1 grey’s anatomy fan (seriously, there is no one who can top me. I watch the seasons back to back on a regular basis (I consider it study for my anatomy classes at times…). I have downloaded almost every song that … Continue reading


Over the course of my university holidays, I have realised the sheer amount of social media that I am not involved with. Yesterday, I made my first twitter account. This came with a dream to become the next internet sensation. My views and wit would be shared with the world and I could brag about … Continue reading